Vijay J. Darda :Vijay Darda joined politics

Vijay Darda 

Vijay Darda joined politics in 1998 when his father adult male. Jawaharlal Darda’s death and his terribly entry into politics created ripples. the explanation was obvious. Vijay Darda was keen on getting into Rajya Sabha on Congress nomination. However, the party denied him a price tag at that point. Despite this, he entered the fray as associate degree freelance candidate and won the seat. He felt the temporal arrangement was vital from his perspective given his age and also the transition he was creating from business to politics. His rapport with the state legislators and their belief in his capabilities, quality, conviction and character helped in securing this conclusion. it’s noteworthy that at that point virtually each organization had tried to lure Vijay Darda to its fold each before and when the elections. However, he decisively stood his ground associate degreed determined to figure as an associate member of Congress party within the Rajya Sabha.

The Darda kinship group could be a Congress friend as a result of they firmly believe that solely Congress will give a model government and alleviate the woes of the person. This was tested throughout political upheavals once the family stood firm behind Congress party and currently Vijay Darda too is taking forward this heritage. within the ensuant elections to the Rajya Sabha in 2004, the Congress party offered Vijay Darda the party price tag from geographic region. At that time of your time, the Congress party had heap of internal squabbles. however Darda with success brought all teams along and ensured election conclusion. Over the years, he has assumed the role of a political hearth fighter within the Vidarbha region.

In fact, Vijay Darda has formed a unique complete of development-oriented politics. He believes in carrying forward social group sensible in conjunction with politics. reckon example the planned Wardha-Yavatmal-Nanded rail link that Darda is definitely attributable with. He pursued the project unrelentingly for ten years with completely different railway ministers and additionally convinced the geographic region government in-tuned forty per cent of the project price. nobody will deny that once this formidable project is completed, Vidarbha’s economy is certain to witness an enormous revolution and it’ll facilitate take away region’s organic process backlog. Similarly, he championed the project of building associate degree airdrome at Yavatmal so as to offer incentive to the industrialists to line up their industries within the region.

As a parliamentarian, he gave special stress on the modernization and development of the govt. Medical faculty at Yavatmal. Darda has used his Member of Parliament native space Development (MPLAD) funds with efficiency thereby resulting in multitudinous public interest comes like roads, irrigation, water pumps, schools, community halls, libraries, etc. Commenting on this, a senior Congress employee and party trained worker from Yavatmal says, “Even although he belongs to the Congress party, he ne’er differentiates politically wherever development of the region is bothered. In 2009, he distributed his MPLADS funds equally among all wards of Yavatmal although the corporators of these wards belonged to completely different parties.”


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